Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria


All the films received that follow the festival’s rules and guidelines will be firstly thoroughly viewed by a pre-jury and secondly by a selection jury. The winners will be chosen by a youth jury, Head Judge and an industry professional special guest.

All selected films will receive laurels and the winning films will receive official digital certificates and a mention in the local media.


How well the work is implemented in the medium? Can you fully experience the quality of the work, or are there technical or media-specific issues preventing you from experiencing it to its fullest?

Quality of Craft

Determining the quality of craft focuses on the filmmaking process and technical execution. This includes the appearance and quality of the captured image, editing, sound design and audio integration, performances, lighting, and all the aspects that account for a memorable viewing experience. Quality of Craft means more than just a pretty looking film or video, and it doesn’t necessitate that it be cutting edge or trendy.

Concept & Writing

Is the story or concept unique? Is the storytelling or narrative coherent, and does it hold your attention? Does the writing have resonance and stay with you long after viewing it? Determining the quality of concept & writing considers all the elements that go into the creative process and how successfully the original idea is communicated.


The brilliance of an idea can easily fall flat if not executed properly. Execution becomes more difficult when taking into account the different ways media is consumed including differences in technology, location and user preferences. While reviewing Execution, consider the following: Is the experience seamless? How well is the work implemented in the medium? Is the audience able to fully experience the work without technical or media-specific issues getting in the way?

Overall Experience

Demonstrating that a film or video can be more or less than the sum of its parts, the overall experience encompasses concept & writing, execution, quality of craft, as well as the intangibles that provoke viewer response. Repeat viewing or visiting generally indicates a generally positive overall experience.

In order to be considered, all submissions must: 

Be made by youths 18 years old and younger (production team should be predominantly under 18), or be made by adults exclusively for children

Be under 15 minutes for short films (including titles and credits) and under 95 minutes for feature films (including titles and credits)

Be original video (video you shot yourself) or have permission to use

Have original music or music you have permission from the artist to use

Be in Russian or with Russian subtitles or with a separate English .SRT file. Please don’t burn in your subtitles in English. Only Russian burnt in subtitles are accepted.

Have a high-quality PAL version of the film available and must be suitable for children under 18

Participation Conditions

Participation does not require and prerequisite registration. Please be aware of the categories and fees. Choose carefully as there are no refunds. If in doubt, please contact us. Our friendly crew would be happy to help. All proposals received after the deadline and/or not meeting the above criteria will be excluded from the competition.


Each participant or team submitting a proposal recognizes that he/she/they is the author of the film. The participants must also certify that the submission does not affect any third-party rights and does not violate copyright, directly or indirectly. The selected projects will become the non-exclusive property of The Stone Flower Youth Film Festival, which reserve the right to use, modify, exhibit in the present and in the future, sell as a by-product of the festival, adapt and reproduce the poster and film in any medium, without any given time limit. The original copyright will still be held by the filmmakers. Participants are responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions and clearances related to the reproduction of people’s names, photos and moving images.

Preferred Format

1920×1080 (Full HD, 1080p), but not less than 720х576. Sound 24 kHz or higher and compression: MP3, WAV, AAC.