The Crew

The Crew

Founder & Director

Mantavya Marwah

A filmmaker and teacher, Mantavya founded SFYFF in 2019 and serves as its festival director. He strongly believes that collaboration across the rifts of culture and genre working within the creative fields can deliver profound results.

As the director, Mantavya is constantly building relationships with communities and companies who share the vision of enabling all youth to make films and reach the broadest possible audience to generate international dialogue through cinema. He also assists his young staff in daily festival operations.

< There is nothing more dangerous to all evil in the world than a child with a camera!>

Chief Communications Officer

Alex Sappinen

An avid anime fan and a high schooler who really can’t figure out how he spends his free time considering the fact that his timetable is nearly empty. Alex is quite sure though that one day he’s going to be an interpreter and linguist.

A perfect fit for the SFYFF crew as the Chief Communications Officer, where his responsibilities include taking care of the festival’s social presence and also deploying effective communication strategies within the festival. He not only makes sure that our participants look good with video editing and insta posts but also takes care of our website. 



Sofia Koryagina

Sofia is a person who is always trying something new. In her 20s, she’s been an office worker, waiter, fashion advisor, mortgage manager and this list can be continued further. Trying to find herself, she is serious when required and quite fun when surrounded by children.


As the Curator at SFYFF she helps to organize the final event with a comfortable and interesting flow for all the participants and the crew. She’s also responsible for the ‘Film of the Week’ project.


<SFYFF is a fantastic project, where unique and talented people from all over the world can share their views and values and talk about what they care about in life by making films. I’m proud to be a part of this project with such a great mission.>


Filmmaker Relations Coordinator

yan guryanov

A film and gaming buff, Yan’s dream is to be part of the entertainment industry where he can live his dreams by giving something back to what he loves. His ultimate goal in life is to become a professional director.


As the Filmmaker Relations Coordinator he has the job of keeping our filmmakers and participants always informed and he also has the responsibility to make sure all our publicity targeted to our content creators is clear. He’s also the first point of contact regarding submissions.


<I’m honoured to be a part of SFYFF and I feel that we have a great future with our projects!>

Head Judge

Olesya Kormishina

A graduate from Art School, Olesya is an avid equestrian and a swimmer. She’s a creative person who in her free time loves making handmade objects and is the official ‘Happiness Officer’ of the SFYFF Crew.

As the Youth Head Judge she keeps the other judges inline and on time, assisting with rating films and taking crucial decisions reagarding the selections.

<Working with the SFYFF Crew inspires, develops and completes me.    I am so happy to be closer to art and especially to cinema>

Public relations officer

elizaveta koltysheva

An award winning director, editor, actress and a student at the faculty of physical rehabilitation, Elizabeth’s dream is to make films that people would enjoy for years to come.

As the public relations officer she’s the main hub of information for the media worldwide.

<Making films has changed my life for the better and my dreams are finally coming true. SFYFF create opportunities for children all over the world to become a part of the film industry. I’m grateful to be a part of the crew that can nurture young filmmakers.>